University Health Services

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Health Services

Uganda Martyrs University provides medical services to students at an affordable fee. Below are the services at infirmary;

Inpatient Services

Accidents and emergencies, medical expenses and ancillary charges, minor surgeries’, consultants’, anesthetists’, medical practitioners, prescribed medicines and drugs, reconstructive surgery following an accident or following surgery for an eligible medical condition, internal prostheses, pathology, diagnostic tests & procedures, health education, Referrals, examination and treatments, post hospitalization treatment, pap smear, 12 hour nurse Advisory Services, and  where a specialist’s opinion is required, Family planning advice and procedures, Counseling, HIV/AIDS global fund drugs for HIV for first line  where  available, among others

Rescue and Evacuation

Uganda Martyrs University students are entitled to road ambulance services in Uganda.


UMU provides Counseling services through the office of the University Counselor. Counseling service helps students who need assistance and guidance about daily life problems which might hamper their steady progress in academics or prevent them from enjoying their life in general. Such problems embrace a whole range of health (medical and psychiatric) problems, social, marital, sexual, academic, spiritual and other problems. The counseling services are aimed at meeting the psychological needs of students by providing a safe, supportive, and confidential environment that promotes self-awareness, fosters responsibility and respect, and teaches effective coping strategies. The University counselor is available every Wednesday.

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