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Sr. Dr. Elizabeth Namazzi

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The School of Postgraduate studies and research is charged with the coordination of academic and research activities of graduate training and provides administrative support and professional advice to postgraduate students. The major role of the Graduate School is to enhance quality of graduate education by:

  • Promoting graduate studies, research and innovations
  • Coordinating graduate studies, research and innovations across the University
  • Improving mentorship of graduate students (NCHE Benchmarks)

The graduate school therefore fosters excellence in graduate studies, research and innovation by providing leadership and administrative support guided by the principles of quality, diversity and integrity. The graduate school works with academic units where research is being undertaken.

The Graduate School carries out the following Administrative and Advisory roles:

  1. Admission of graduate students
  2. Organizing orientation of postgraduate students.
  3. Advising students on academic matters including requirements for substantive
    registration, notice of submission of proposal and thesis, deferred years and return to program.
  4. Monitoring supervision of postgraduate students through the tracking supervision
  5. Raising terms of reference for tracking of thesis examination process to
    ensure timely submission of examiners reports.
  6. Scheduling and organizing defences and providing secretarial services for the defence panels.
  7. Coordinating payments of both Internal and External doctoral theses examiners.
  8. Coordinating payments for Supervision of doctoral theses.
  9. Keeping updated records of postgraduate students including their progress reports.
  10. Organizing doctoral student seminars.
  11. Writing transcripts.
  12. Organizing research conferences, workshops, and PhD research seminars
  13. Guidance and counseling of students
  14. Managing the University museum
  15. Running Uganda Martyrs University Press (editing and processing publications) etc.

Note that the number of graduate students, both at MA/Msc and doctoral level have over the years continued to grow. In addition, the school has registered a respectable portion of students from different countries worldwide.

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Staff Members

Prof. Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Associate Dean, SPGSR
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Sr. Dr. Elizabeth Namazzi

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David N. Tshimba, Ph.D

Senior Research Fellow, Chair CAS
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Robinah S. Nakabo

Research Fellow/Managing Editor
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Ms. Agnes Nabisibo

Senior Assistant Registrar
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Ms. Evelyn Nantume

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