It gives me pleasure to welcome our searchers and readers to the profile of the Department of Development Studies.

In terms of the programmes run, ours is one of the foundational Departments (although it was not called a Department in its own right) in the sense that it initially belonged to the Institute of Ethics and Development Studies, which was the very first in UMU alongside with the Faculty of Business Administration in 1993.

Since we became a Department in 2015, a number of programmes have been added and spread over a number of Campuses across the country. It is as such that we have been able to reach out to many learners, making accessible to them our transformative interactions in terms of teaching and learning.

The department is home to a host of programmes which have been embraced by many because of their relevance coupled with the wide spectrum they project in terms of knowledge, applicability and employability-anchorage.

Because of all this, the Department clearly acts out a part of the University’s Anthem: “… A place where it is good to be…” Once again, welcome to the Department of Development Studies!

Programmes run by the Department:

Bachelor of Arts in International Development and Ethics

Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration

Bachelor of Social Development and Counseling

Bachelor of Democracy and Development Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Fashion and Textile Design

Diploma in Transformative Education and Faith

Diploma in Democracy and Development Studies

Master of Arts in Development Studies (Distance-Learning)

Master of Arts in Development Studies (Part-Time)

Master of Mental Health

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