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Mother Kevin Postgraduate Medical School (MKPGMS) Nsambya was established in October 2010 by Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) in partnership with St. Francis Hospital Nsambya. The first idea of a Catholic Medical School was broached by the Uganda Episcopal Conference in 2003. But a full undergraduate school was considered at that time to be beyond the financial capabilities of the Episcopal Conference. A Postgraduate school was proposed as a feasible alternative- at least for the start. But this was not brought to the drawing board until 2007, when intensive preparation began. The School was finally launched in October 2010 by His Eminence Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala. It opened its doors to students on 19th November 2010.

Initially in 2010 it offered courses of Master of Medicine in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and Surgery. In 2012 it launched a corresponding programme in Emergency Medicine – the first in Uganda, and one of only two in East Africa – the other also recently started in Dare es Salaam Tanzania. Intensive Care Medicine will follow in the next few years. The primary objective of the MMed Programme is to offer training of General Specialists in the different disciplines of the medical practice. These specialists provide specialist and consultative services in different hospital settings. They are involved in teaching others, and in research. Moreover the programme seeks also to prepare the graduates for further advancement training to Fellowship in the different sub-specialties in the medical field, and for careers in a variety of other settings and roles.

MKPGMS Programme is structured in harmony with already existing other sister programmes in the country, and in conformity with the requirements of Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council, Higher Education Council, Ministry of Education; Ministry of Health; the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau; the evolving Specialist Colleges in the East, Central and Southern regions of Africa, and with international programmes, stressing parity, in order to facilitate mutual accreditation, and exchange of teachers and trainees and candidate’s possibility of embarking ultimately on attaining Fellowship status.

The Programme founders believe that change and innovation are essential as a driving force to ensure the continued success of the MMed programme. To this end, its clinical and educational aspects undergo periodic review and updating. The aim is to improve the effectiveness of the programme and thus remain relevant. The feed-back of the trainees constitutes an important part of the programme’s periodic review. It ensures continuing quality improvement.

Training at Nsambya started in the 4 major disciplines in the hospital that had enough senior staff to teach, supervise, and mentor the trainees. But right from the outset, UMU realized the glaring absence in the country, and perhaps in the whole of East Africa, of postgraduate training programmes for the specialties of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine.

To this end, UMU started preparing the teaching venues for these specialties, with the aim of initiating the courses as soon as the facilities were in place. Emergency Medicine programme started in 2012 at a ripe time when the remodeling of the Emergency Department at Nsambya Hospital was completed.

This was the first of its type in the Country. For this reason Ministry of Health   vouched to sponsor the trainees on that programme. Three years ago Nsambya hospital commissioned its Intensive Care Unit and a haemodialysis unit.

A number of other sub-specialties are being established or upgraded. These developments are indicators of where new educational programmes should evolve in the future. Candidate enrolment is international; it goes beyond the Uganda borders – so far including Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Southern Sudan, and Somalia

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Dr. Namisi, Charles Patrick

Associate Dean
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