Institute of Languages and Communication Studies

Rev. Sr. Denis Samanya

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This Institute was born out of the Department of Languages which was formed in 2005 as a fully fledged department under the Faculty of Education.

In 2006 this department became autonomous on seeing the role it was playing of teaching English language courses cutting across disciplines in the university and that operating under a faculty was blocking its function to the entire university.

For, it was  responding to the university need to have a university-wide programme which would cater for students’ communicative competence, academic study skills, professional development and remedial English training for all students in the university.

The department was to develop more local and foreign language courses including Kiswahili and French which was realised then, although French remained as a course unit in the East African School of Diplomacy and International Studies.

Staff Members

Henry Semambo

Head of Department
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Rev. Sr. Denis Samanya

Dean Institute of Languages and Communication Studies
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