Faculty of Science

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The vision of the Faculty of Science which is: a model and reputable center of excellence in research, teaching and community engagement at Uganda Martyrs University is derived from the recognition that real national development of the country and the entire mankind starts from serious study and understanding of science. Without a large section of the population internalizing science subjects and applying scientific methods to solve problems, development is bound to be staggered and slow.

The mission of the faculty is: to provide high quality holistic education through scientific research, training and community engagement to enhance practical skills and community development.

The faculty is, therefore, committed to training competent, high-level manpower in science subjects that will increase the stock of scientists in and outside Uganda to the highest levels within the reach of the University, while at the same time enhancing and updating skills of staff by encouraging attainment of higher qualifications either through conventional studies and/or research and to publish results in local and/or international publications. Facilitation towards this goal is usually provided by the Faculty whenever possible.

The faculty encourages inter-disciplinary teaching across other faculties and visiting lectureship between universities (with which Uganda Martyrs University has established such cordial relationships), as well as amicable relationship between staff and its students so as to foster confidence among the students: which confidence will be of potential application when they leave the University and go out in the world to be on their own. While striving to achieve all the above, the faculty will actively participate in community outreach activities within its reach and capability.