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The Faculty of Law at Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) was established in 2019.

The vision and mission of the Faculty is in line with the overall mission and vision of the university. The vision is to prepare graduates who will be leaders in the field of law, possessing a multiplicity of skills and imbued with a broad interdisciplinary perspective that combines intellectual and clinical ability. The mission is to foster excellence in legal education and research based on ethical values.

The goal of the Faculty is to equip students with skills relevant for legal practice and work in diverse fields while contributing to the transformation of their communities through the pursuit of legal and social justice and ethical development.

Currently the Faculty offers the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) programme.  Law programme at UMU aims to produce lawyers with commitment to their professional work who will serve the community with integrity.

  • The objectives of the Bachelor of Laws programme are to:
  • Train students to acquire critical thinking on the many different aspects of existing knowledge and theory in the field of law in order to enable them contribute positively to development;
  • Provide a sound understanding of legal principles and techniques and of the complexities and concepts of substantive law;
  • Enable students develop an appreciation of the role and context of law in society, including ethical issues raised by law and by the operation of the legal profession;
  • Provide an academic basis for rigorous interdisciplinary research in the area of law;
  • Encourage the use of analytical, research and problem solving skills and to develop transferable skills such as leadership, superlative communication, confidence and the ability to work in a team;
  • Train students to become informed and active law enforcers in inter-personal, inter-group, inter-faith, inter-regional, continental and international relations;
  • Prepare students to creatively and skillfully become pillars of dialogue, freedom, and respect for human rights and pursuit of justice; and
  • Produce lawyers with commitment to their professional work who will serve the community with integrity.

Staff Members

Prof. Jjuuko W. Frederick

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Programme Duration Study time
Bachelor of Laws 4 Years Fulltime


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