Directorate of Quality Assurance

Edward Katumba Segawa
Acting Director

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The Quality Assurance Directorate at Uganda Martyrs University is concerned with ensuring that all the planned and systematic actions are implemented within the quality system. It is entrusted with the duty of assessing and evaluating teaching and learning, research and all those services that support the quality of learning at Uganda Martyrs University.


To promote efficient planning, management and provision of quality services in order to achieve excellence nationally and internationally.


To strengthen, consolidate and maintain Total Quality Assurance in Uganda Martyrs University.


The Directorate is a member to;

  1. Ugandan University Quality Assurance Forum (UUQAF)
  2. East African Quality Assurance Network (EAQAN)
  3. African Catholic Universities Quality Agency (ACUQA)
  4. Inter University .Council of East Africa (IUCEA)
  5. Association of African Universities (AAU )

Directorate Slogan: “Fitness for purpose”

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Staff Members

Edward Katumba Segawa

Acting Director
MBA - Finance (UMU 2012) Bachelor of Management Science – (KYU 2008) View Profile

Juliet Yiga

Quality Assurance Directorate Administrator
BBIT Nkumba University, Dip. Secretarial Duties, Dip. BAM CCNA, CCNSP II View Profile

Victoria Kenema

Quality Assurance Directorate Administrator
Qualifications BSDC (UMU) MRMS (UMU) View Profile

Duties & Responsibilities

Main Objective of QAD

To assist in setting up, maintaining and improving the quality and standards of research, teaching, scholarship and services to the Uganda Martyrs University Community.

Specific Objectives

  1. Safeguard and improve the academic standards and quality of education at the University;
  2. Provide guidance in development and implementation of internal and external quality assurance procedures and practices;
  3. Plan for regular peer review activities and ensure that the quality of academic programs and non-academic services meet expectations of the stakeholders;
  4. Ensure that graduates attain skills, knowledge and ethical values that are of value to stakeholders;
  5. Provide guidance in identifying internal and external quality standards and criteria that are consistent with nationally and internationally recognized standards;
  6. Promote the integrity of the academic awards of the University;
  7. Continually improve quality of community service programs offered by the University;
  8. Enhance constant improvement of internal support services provided to students and staff;
  9. Develop and sustain a culture of quality seeking quality assurance among members of the University Community;
  10. Sensitize and facilitate development of a culture of continuous quality improvement to achieve academic and non-academic excellence;
  11. Enable us identify areas of strength as well as areas of weaknesses for continuous improvement in the short, medium and long-term;
  12. Strengthen the independent role played by the Quality Assurance Directorate in all activities of UMU;
  13. Write reports on routine data on evaluation of teaching and learning by students;
  14. Sensitize and monitor UMU campuses and affiliated institutions on QA issues;
  15. Offer guidance to academic units in aligning UMU’s programs to the expectation of the stakeholders;
  16. Organize and offer training to UMU staff and affiliated institutions on QA issues;

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