William Musamba




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Research Interests

Research Interests:

Pre-colonial Intra-African state and Inter-state relations, Colonial and post-colonial African ethnic relations, politics of identity, Colonial Political economy, State structures and Agency, Pandemics and Identity formation and Archival histories


Musamba, W. and Byaruhanga Rukooko, A., 2023. Busoga states amalgamation and ethnic formation, Uganda Protectorate, 1900 to 1950. African Identities, pp.1-21.

Ongoing Research projects:

  1. Political Advocacy and Record-Keeping: The Case of Abataka, Busoga, Uganda Protectorate, 1940-1950
  2. The Upsurge of Pandemics and Ethno-Identity Formation in Busoga, Uganda, 1880 to 1920.
  3. Motherhood and Politics in Anarchical Contexts: The Case of Busoga, 1700-1919.
  4. The Economic Packet of a British Colonial-State and the Ethnicization of the Native: The Case of Obwesengeze System in Busoga, Uganda Protectorate, 1890-1920.
  5. African Indigenous Institutions and the Politics of Peace-Making: The Case of Busoga Lukiko, Uganda, 1893-1906




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