As Dean of Uganda Martyrs University School of Postgraduate Studies and Research, I welcome you to our website and invite you to explore the wealth of information that we have made available for you.

The purpose of this website is to serve as a reliable source of information for Postgraduate students already with us and those intending to join us for graduate education. The role of the School of Postgraduate studies and research is to coordinate academic and research activities of graduate training and to provide administrative support and professional advice to postgraduate students.

Among other responsibilities, we seek to enhance the quality graduate education by promoting graduate studies, research and innovations and by facilitating mentorship of graduate students. The graduate school works with academic units where research is being undertaken.

I hold a PhD in Curriculum and Pedagogy from the University of British Columbia, Canada; MA in Educational Management and a BA with Education both from Makerere University. My teaching and research interests include Curriculum and Pedagogy, Educational management, Religious studies, and HIV/AIDS-related issues.

I engage with local communities with particular interest in women development, HIV/AIDS-related issues, vulnerable children and promotion of girl education


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