Dr. Mark Olweny has been a part of the Faculty of the Built Environment since 2004. He is currently a Research Associate Professor in Architecture, and responsible for the Master of Architecture (professional) programme. He has been engaged with architectural education for the past two decades, teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His teaching approach is derived from a belief that their role as educators is to help students discover their potential though the education they receive. This approach has been driven by his research which has focused on architectural pedagogies, and the way students learn. These built on on his engagement in architectural education and practice in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom and Uganda. His general research interests incorporate three broad areas: colonial and early post-colonial architecture of eastern Africa; thermal performance and energy use in buildings, and architectural education. This research has yielded several book chapters, articles in highly rated journals, and presentation at international conferences. He has also been a key investigator on a number of large and small international grant funded projects.


Doctor of Philosophy, Cardiff University (2015)

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Adelaide, (2000)

Master of Architectural Studies, University of Adelaide (1997)

Master of Regional and Urban Planning, University of South Australia (1996)

Bachelor of Architectural Studies with Honours, University of Adelaide, (1993)

Bachelor of Architectural Studies, University of Adelaide, (1990)

Research Interests

  • Thermal Comfort in Tropical Climates;
  • Architectural Education and Sustainability;
  • Architectural Education – Methods and Practices;
  • Architecture of Eastern and Southern Africa;
  • Users Needs in Architecture


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Olweny, M.O., Morkel, J. Delport, H., Ndibwami, A., Whelan, D . (2021) . Zombies in the Studio: Towards Nurturing Pedagogical Approaches for Architectural Education in sub-Saharan Africa . Charrette, 7(2)
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