Dr. Luswata Albert

  • Institute of Ethics
  • Dip. Phil & RS (Kat); BA Phil (MAK); BA Theol. (Urbaniana); MA (Urbaniana); PhD (Lateran)

Dr. Albert Luswata is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the Institute of Ethics at Uganda Martyrs University and former Head of Department (Development Studies) in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at the same university. He is a former Fulbright Research Scholar at Boston University (2018) and speaks fluent English, Italian and German. Albert was the MEL Lead and Co-Lead of the TESCEA project at Uganda Martyrs University. Besides teaching ethics he is also a champion of gender equality


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    Rev. Fr. Dr. Maximiano Ngabirano, Dr. Albert Luswata
    Rev. Fr. Dr. Maximiano Ngabirano


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