Ddumba M. Pius

Associate Dean and Counselling Psychologist

My pleasure to welcoming you to the school of Arts and Social Sciences. By signing-up to join us either on full-time or distance learning modalities, you add your name to the list of influencers and transformer of society. Our versatile study programmes are tuned towards addressing social phenomenon. On this academic journey, tapping into personal experiences will make theoretical reflections a reality while knowing individual expectations is a lee-way towards mentoring an accomplished professional Uganda Martyrs University wants.

Our team of staff provides learners with experience beyond the lecture sessions but also resources for research to broaden professional development beyond the degree for a sustainable future. Academic accompaniment is the core goal of furthering student’s research interest area. The school also has partnerships with agencies for practicum, student placements and internship opportunities that grantee on-site learning.

Well-as SASS is committed to your career quest, your daily efforts are central to your dream achievement. Bear in mind that “Transformation begins with you.” We are here to assist you grow your research and stand-out as an accomplished social scientist.


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