I am currently a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for African Studies under auspices of the School Postgraduate Studies and Research, where I am academic member of the Editorial Committee of the UMU Book Series, among other publication outlets.

I also facilitate teaching and learning for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Department of Governance, Peace and International Studies under the School of Arts and Social Sciences.

I earned my doctorate (Ph.D.) from the interdisciplinary doctoral programme at the Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR). I also hold a Master of Philosophy (Social Studies) from Makerere University, a Master of Arts (Sustainable Peace and Conflict Management) from Uganda Martyrs University, and a Bachelor of Arts (Ethics and Development Studies) from Uganda Martyrs University.

I have benefited from a host of research fellowships, including with the Council for the Development of Social Research in Africa (CODESRIA) on a book project on peace and security in Africa’s Great Lakes region; with the University of Michigan African Presidential Scholars (UMAPS) for my doctoral study on historicising political violence in the Rwenzori region astride the Congo-Uganda border; with the Refugee Law Project (RLP) in partnership with the Irish Human Rights Centre on a policy research pertaining ‘Human Trafficking, Forced Migration and Gender Equality in Uganda’; and with the Action for Development (ACFODE) on an ethnographic research project about violated bodies in forced displacement contexts in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, western Uganda.

My research interests include (political) violence, (forced) migrations, (social) justice and gender in history, with particular focus on Africa’s Great Lakes region.


Doctor of Philosophy, Makerere University (2020)

Master of Philosophy (Social Studies), Makerere University (2017)

Master of Arts (Sustainable Peace and Conflict Management), Uganda Martyrs University (2012)

Bachelor of Arts (Ethics and Development Studies), Uganda Martyrs University (2011)

Research Interests

(Political) Violence;

(Forced) Migration;

(Social) Justice;

Gender in History.


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