The African Centre of Excellence in Agro-ecology and Livelihood Systems

Participants: Dr. Jude Ssebuwufu (Center Director) , Dr. Joseph Ssemakula (Principal Investigator)


The African Centre of Excellence in Agro-ecology and Livelihood Systems (ACALISE), is one of the twenty-four World Bank Centers of Excellence in the ACE II Project. The main objective of ACALISE is to streamline the production of high level, well-motivated and ethically conscious critical mass of Agro-ecology and Livelihood systems experts. It is funded by the World Bank through the Government of Uganda as a regional center of excellence to collaborate quality postgraduate education as well as applied research to address key development challenges facing the East and Southern Africa and beyond. Uganda Martyrs University, the World Bank Group and the Inter-University Council for East Africa are jointly responsible for overseeing the activities of ACALISE.

ACALISE Objectives

  1. Training of a new breed of M.Sc. and PhDs envisioned to carry out relevant research in Agro-ecology and livelihood systems for innovation in the region and beyond.
    2. Integration of ecological approaches in Agriculture and related disciplines in the region to stimulate sustainable development and better livelihoods.
    3. Initiation of critical regional collaborations for strengthening multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral research for development.
    4. Promotion of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for innovation dissemination and impact enhancement in Agro-ecology for better livelihood strategies. ACALISE will promote student centered research and learning techniques including problem solving, experiential research but also experimental methods to foster innovations in the field.
    5. Enhancing moral-ethical consciousness and accountability by the trainees to ensure sustainable development at local, national, and regional levels.
    6. Establishment of state-of-the-art demonstration farms accessible to the local farmers to provide the relevant skills, technologies, agricultural services, and ethical consciousness, to the communities to enhance sustainable development of all.
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Affiliation Inter-University Council of East Africa - IUCEA, World Bank, Uganda Martyrs University