Inclusive Deaf Education

Participants: Bernadatte Namirembe


This project “Improving Learning for Deaf Students in Inclusive
and Special Secondary Education in Uganda” aimed at improving
the quality of teaching of deaf students in secondary schools to
enable them to achieve their full potential, promote hearing care
and sign language use. Specifically, the project at: Supporting the
implementation of the Bachelor of Inclusive Deaf Education and
Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusive Deaf Education programs.
Training UMU lecturers of linguistics, psychology, science and
education about deafness and how it connects with their disciplines
and teaching to facilitate them to teach courses on deafness
related to their disciplines. Training pre-service and in-service
secondary school teachers how to facilitate learning of deaf and
hard-of-hearing learners in either special or inclusive settings.
Promoting informal cross-cutting thematic learning in collaboration
with deaf adults and in-service teachers. And establishing an
audiological lab for training teachers and for providing hearing
health care services to the community and a resource room to
support teaching. UMU is the implementing institution and Royal
Kentalis provides knowledge on deafness. Kentalis’ role is to train
UMU lecturers in the “training of trainer” program. The project
period was three years and six months.

Acronym BIDE
Related Unit
Affiliation Royal Kentalis, A Dutch Foundation