Graduation Circular from the Registrar


Dear Graduand, Greetings and best wishes from Uganda Martyrs University (UMU).

The academic journey you started some time back indeed has been too long, but at last your success is within sight. As the University prepares for your graduation, UMU Management would like you to take note of the following:
1. On behalf of University Senate, Management and the University community at large, I take this opportunity to congratulate you upon completing your studies and now looking forward to your graduation. I congratulate you and your family/sponsors most especially for striving amidst the hardships experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic lock-downs, and ensured that this academic journey is successfully coming to completion.
2. Please be informed that due to unavoidable circumstances, the 27th Graduation Ceremony Part I will NOT take place on Friday 17th December, 2021 as earlier communicated. The Graduation has been POSTPONED to Friday 6th May, 2022 starting with the Eucharistic Celebration at exactly 9 O’clock, to thank God for bestowing His blessings and success on all of us. The details of the ceremony will be communicated in due course. We are very sorry for any incontinence caused.
3. On the eve of the graduation, that is on THURSDAY (5th May 2022), the University will hold a Commencement Lecture whose target is the graduands and whose purpose is to further prepare you for the world of work. As always, the University invites people of repute to talk to graduands. You are therefore strongly encouraged to attend the Commencement Lecture on the eve of graduation. The Lecture will begin at 2.00 pm prompt. The name of the Keynote Speaker and the entire program of the day will be communicated to you in due course.
4. The last Senate meeting to consider your results including those of your research projects will sit on THURSDAY, the 31st of March, 2022. A student, whose results would not be submitted by then, will not be part of the 27th Graduation Ceremony. H/She will wait for the next graduation slated to take place in November 2022.
5. Management would like you to note that clearance for graduation will be done from your respective Campus. Clearing shall start from the 3rd January up to 15th April, 2022 by the close of business. However, this does not stop anyone who would wish to clear between now and January, 2022. After 15th April, 2022, the name(s) of those who will not have fully cleared shall be removed from the 27th Graduation List. During the period of clearance with the Finance Department at your respective Campuses, endeavor to carry with you all your receipts (NCHE inclusive) to aid the reconciliation of your ledger. Your receipts might be demanded by the Finance Officers in charge. Only students who will have fulfilled all their Academic and Financial obligations with the University shall be considered for the 27th Graduation Ceremony.
Uganda Martyrs University P.O. Box 5498 – Kampala – Uganda
Tel: (+256) 0382-410611 Fax: (+256)0382-410100 E-mail:
6. Here is a list for various fees regarding graduation. I hope you keep this information near you so that it will be handy as you clear for graduation. You will pay for the Academic Documents (Certificate and Transcript), four certified copies of your academic documents, the graduation Magazine, graduation expenses, Alumni membership fee as well as for your Graduation Gown. The total cost for these expenses per level of study are as follows:
PhD: 885,000 Masters: 535,000 Bachelors: 435,000 Diploma: 385,000 Certificate: 365,000
7. To pay for your graduation fees, please follow the procedure below:
i) Press 2726# on your mobile phone using any Telecommunication network; ii) Select Option 1 (Get Payment Ref) and send; iii) Enter your student number (e.g. 1600500897AND NOT 2016-B123-30022); iv) Ensure that the details provided after Step (iii) are the right match of you (i.e. your full Names and Registration number will appear); v) Enter the amount payable basing on the study levels as indicated above in Note 10; vi) Select 1 (Generate Ref) and send; vii) Copy the reference number and take it ONLY TO THE DFCU BANK.
8. One of the requirements for your clearance is your registration with the Alumni Office. When you register as an Alumnus or Alumna, you will be enabled to stay in touch with your fellow colleagues (Alumni). You will also be in touch with your Alma Mater. Here is the link to register as Alumnus or an Alumna: Enter the link and follow the instructions.
9. A “WhatsApp group” for Finalists (the graduating Finalists) has been created in view of providing a platform where some of your concerns and queries can be answered. Please join this group and alert your colleagues to join the same so that you are all informed about the graduation and the requirements associated with it.
10. As our culture, graduates will pick their academic documents on Graduation Day.
11. Finally, as you plan to graduate, also plan to pick another application form for the next programme to be enrolled in.
12. As we continue to live and operate in the season of COVID-19 pandemic, please stay safe by wearing a mask, avoiding crowds by social distancing, washing hands with soap and sanitizing.
While wishing you a successful graduation on the 6th May, 2022