• 9:00 AM
  • Main Campus-Nkozi

28th Graduation Ceremony

Dear Graduand! Greetings and best wishes from Uganda Martyrs University (UMU). The academic journey you started some time back, which, certainly, has not been all-smooth, has come to the end successfully. As the University and you prepare for your graduation, I ask you to note the following: 1. On behalf of the University Senate, Management and the University community at large, I take this opportunity to congratulate you upon completing your studies amidst many challenges and fears comprising the normal as well as those imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic trauma and the lockdowns, the subsequent new but not-so-easy strategies of studying online and of late blended teaching and learning. It is said that the harder the journey the sweeter the home-coming. I would like to thank and congratulate your family and/or sponsors for striving to support you amidst a multitude of hardships. 2. Be informed that the 28th Graduation Ceremony will take place on Friday 18th November 2022, starting with the Eucharistic Celebration at exactly 9 0’clock to thank the Almighty for bestowing His blessings and success upon all of us. And please, note that the graduation will be a physical one, at Nkozi; and you are permitted to extend your invitation to ONLY TWO PERSONS as indicated on the Invitation Cards that you will receive. Any additional people will be turned away. 3. On Thursday 17th November 2022, the University will hold a Commencement Lecture at Nkozi Campus, targeting graduands with the purpose of preparing them for life-afterUniversity. As usual, the University invites people of repute and experience in the vicissitudes of life to share with our graduands. You are, therefore, strongly encouraged to attend the Lecture. In these days of ‘blended’, if you cannot attend physically, you can do so virtually via a zoom link which you can ask your Faculty to share with you. The Lecture will begin at 2.00pm prompt. 4. Soon after the Special Senate meeting of Tuesday 25th October 2022, the First Draft Graduation List will be released. That list will be updated later depending on the fullness of clearing both in terms of results and financial dues. Therefore, if your name is not on that list, engage both your Faculty/School and Finance. 5. Management would like you to note that clearance for graduation will be done from your Campus. Clearing will start on 31StOctober and end on 8thNovember 2022 by close of business. After the 8th of November 2022 the name(s) of those who will not have fully cleared will be removed from the Graduation List. During the period of clearance with the Finance Department at your Campus, endeavor to carry with you all your receipts (NCHE inclusive) to aid the reconciliation of your Ledger. Your receipts might be demanded by the Finance Officer in charge. Only students who will have fulfilled all their Academic and Financial obligations with the University will be considered for graduation. Please ensure that you have cleared with all offices indicated on the Clearance Form and also confirm that the photo on your student portal is the right one. 6. The Graduation Fees will cover the following: graduation expenses, Graduation Booklet and Magazine, Academic Documents (Certificate and Transcript), four certified copies of your academic documents, the Alumni membership fee as well as your Graduation Gown — which is compulsory to ALL graduands. The total cost for these expenses per level of study are as follows: PhD: 885,000 Masters: 535,000 Bachelors: 435,000 Diploma: 385,000 Certificate: 365,000 7. To pay for your graduation fees, please follow the procedure below: i) Press 2726# on your mobile phone using any Telecommunication network; ii) Select Option 1 (Get Payment Ref) and send; iii) Enter your student number (e.g. 1800500897AND NOT 20- 1.g-B-.1-2-3-gog94); iv) Ensure that the details provided after Step(iii) are the right match (i.e. your full Name and Registration number will appear); v) Enter the amount payable basing on the study levels as indicated above in Note 6; vi) Select 1 (Generate Ref) and send; vii) copy the Reference Number and take it ONLY TO THE DFCU BANK. 8. One of the requirements for your clearance is your registration with the Alumni Office. When you register as an Alumnus or Alumna, you will be enabled to stay in touch with your colleagues (Alumni). You will also be in touch with your Alma Mater. Here is the link to register as Alumnus or an Alumna: Enter the link and follow the instructions. 9. As our culture is, you will pick your Academic Documents on Graduation Day. 10. Also, as you plan to graduate, also plan to pick another application form for the next programme to enroll in; it is just time for the January intake. 11. Finally, Uganda has not yet officially been declared COVID-19-free, so, continue to take care. Moreover, there is also the threat of EBOLA on addition to many more possible and actual dangers. Please, do your best to stay safe so that you can pursue your dreams. While wishing you a successful graduation on the 18thNovember 2022, I remain, Sincerely yours, REV. Dr. KISOGA Buchana Josef Academic Registrar cc: Management All Staff

  • 2:00 PM
  • Main Campus-Auditorium

Physical Public lecture hosted by School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS)

The theme of the lecture is: Participatory Citizenry for National Governance and Development, and will take place on the 13th January 2023, at 2:00pm at the Nkozi Main campus Auditorium. The audience of this public lecture will include Diplomna, Bachelors and Master students of Local Governance and Human Rights, Democracy and Development Studies, faculty members and well-wishers of UMU. The discussant will be Dr. Denis Musinguzi, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, at Uganda Martyrs University.